SSL for WordPress: How to Add an SSL Certificate in Cloudways

Steve Allen

In this tutorial, I show you how to add an SSL certificate to your WordPress website in Cloudways.

Cloudways is a cloud hosting platform that allows you to easily install and manage your WordPress website.

You can utilize their SSL feature to automatically add a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate which will then auto renew every three months.

Let’s get started.

Add a Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate in Cloudways

0. Prerequisite

Before we install the certificate, you’ll need to have added your WordPress installation in Cloudways, entered your domain name in the Domain Management section and added the IP address of your server to your domain name DNS record.

You can follow this tutorial if you haven’t already done this.

1. Click on SSL Certificate

Click on SSL Certificate

From inside your WordPress application, click on SSL Certificate on the left hand panel.

2. Input your details

Input your details

Put an email address and your domain name in the fields. Be sure to type the domain name as you did in the Domain Management section.

Then click Install Certificate.

3. Activate HTTPS Redirect

Activate HTTPS Redirect

This new feature allows you to create an HTTPS redirect from inside of Cloudways.

So people will be redirected if they type in to

To enable this, just click on Enable HTTPS when you see the popup.

And that’s it!

Your WordPress website will now have a free SSL certficate installed on the domain name.

Removing Mixed Content Errors

If after you’ve followed these steps, you’re getting mixed content issues, you can install a plugin like ‘Really Simple SSL’ to fix any errors.

You can follow this tutorial on how to install the plugin here.


With Cloudways, it’s so easy to install an SSL certificate.

If you’re not using Cloudways yet and you want to sign up, click here to get 20% off your first two months.

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