How to Edit or Remove the Powered by WordPress Footer Text

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Most WordPress users what to display their own website Copyright credits or at the least remove the Powered by WordPress text in the footer but many WordPress themes don’t make the process of changing the default footer text that straightforward.

Some themes don’t even allow you to edit it from an options screen in the WordPress admin, making the process even more cumbersome for non techy folk.

Luckily, I’ve gathered several of the most popoular WordPress themes and outlined the steps you need to take to edit the footer credits to display your own website Copyright information.

The Powered by WordPress text in the footer

And if you get really stuck, I even show you how to edit the footer text manually at the bottom of this post. This process will work with any theme so if you’re using a theme that doens’t give you acces to change the credits easily then this method gives you the ability to do so.

Let’s begin…

Created a Child Theme First

Some of the themes below enable you to change the footer credits within their built-in options panel. This means that when the theme is updated, the options that you set from the start will be saved and won’t be overwritten. But, this isn’t the case for many themes where you’d need to edit the theme files. In this instance and as a messure of good pratice, it’s always a good idea to install a child theme.

Child themes just allow changes to be made to the themes code without interfering with the core theme files. When the core theme needs an update, it does so without overwritting the changes that were made in the child theme.

This might all sound a bit technical but it’s a very straightforward process that only takes 10 minutes to complete.

Remove Powered by WordPress in Divi

The Divi theme by Elegant Themes is a front end page builder with tonnes of design options which also allows you to easily change the footer credits to whatever you want or completely remove them.

The first step it so login to your WordPress dashboard and click on “Theme Customizer” under the Divi sidebar menu

divi footer step 0

Next click on the “Footer” option

divi footer step 1

Then click the “Bottom Bar” option

divi footer step 2

You’ll then see “Disable footer credits” and “Edit footer credits” at the bottom of the next options screen. Tick the “Disable footer credits” to completely remove all the credits including the Powered by WordPress text. Or just type your own text in the “Edit footer credits” box.

divi footer step 3

In the above example, we have typed “Copyright © 2018 – – All Rights Reserved”. The “& copy ;” text is just the html code you need to display the Copyright © symbol.

And that’s it for Divi. Here’s a video that takes you through it step by step.

Custom Footer Credits in Avada Theme

The Avada theme is the highest sold WordPress themes on Theme Forest. Changing the credits in the footer is as straight forward as with Divi, except it is dont in the admin instead of the WordPress customiser.

First, login to your WordPress dashboard and click on “Theme Options” under the Avada section.

avada footer credits step 1

Then click on “Footer content” under the Footer section.

avada footer credits step 2

And the last step, just scroll to the bottom and you’ll find the text area for the footer credits where you can change the defaults to your own branding and copyright text.

You can also remove the text by clicking “Off” next to the Copyright Bar if you’d prefer it to be blank.

avada footer credits step 3

Here’s a video to walk you through the steps.

Generatepress Footer Credits

Generatepress has become extremely popular recently. It’s a very lightweight WordPress theme with huge potentual. The theme itself is free but when you upgrade it using the premium plugin, it allows an array of customisations. One of which is the ability to edit the footer text.

Unfortunetly, the free version doesn’t allow you to change or remove the footer credits within the options panel so before I show you how to do this in the premium version, let’s change the text by adding some code to the theme. Don’t worry, you only need to copy and paste so it’s not that difficult.

Once you’re logged into your WordPress admin, click on “Customise” under the “Appearance” menu.

generatepress footer step 1

Before we add the CSS code, we need to add our own footer text using widgets. Click on the “Widgets” menu item.

generatepress footer step 2

Then click on “Footer Bar“.

generatepress footer step 3

Now you’re in the widgets area for the bottom footer bar. Click on “Add a Widget” button and add the text widget to the area.

generatepress footer step 4

Then add your footer credit text to the text widget, eg. “Copyright © 2018 |”.

You’ll now notice that your footer has pushed the Generatepress credit over to the left and your new footer credit is on the right.

generatepress footer step 5

Now we want to use some CSS code to hide the Generatepress credits and then center align your own credit. Click all the way back to the first Generatepress menu and click on “Aditional CSS” at the bottom.

generatepress footer step 6

Then in the CSS area paste the following:

.copyright-bar {
  display: none;

.footer-bar-align-left .copyright-bar,
.footer-bar-align-right .footer-bar {
  float: none;
  text-align: center;

So the first piece of code with the “display: none;” just hides that piece of HTML and the second piece of code targets the new footer credit we added and center aligns it. If you want to align this text to the left then just put left for both float and text-align.

Now, this is obviously the long way around changing the Generatepress footer text but it’s the free way if you don’t have the premium version.

I highly recommend the premium version of Generatepress. It’s one of my favorite WordPress themes and it’s very affordable. This process is much easier with the premium version and there’s so much more you can customise with this theme.

Here’s how to change the footer credits with the premium version.

After activating the plugin and enabling the “Copyright” option, go into the theme customiser and select “Layout“.

generatepress premium step 0
generatepress premium step 1

Then click on “Footer“.

generatepress premium step 2

Then write your footer code in the text field at the bottom.

generatepress premium step 3

Then click “Publish” and you’re done.


Hopefully you found this tutorial useful. If you have any questions or get stuck with anything, let me know in the comments below and I’ll help the best I can.

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    • If you mean the child theme of Benevolent, check the functions.php file at the bottom where it says: Footer Credit

      There’s some code there that is outputting the footer text.

      I recommend creating a separate child theme first though before changing any code in the functions.php file.

      If you aren’t comfortable with changing the code, then you might want to consider upgrading the theme to a pro version which should give you the ability to change it from the customizer.

      Hope this helps


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