Niche Site Project Monthly Update – January 2019

Steve Allen

It’s time for a niche site update!

January is over and I’ve been working hard to organise my online ventures and plan how I would like 2019 to pan out.

I have many cool plans and ideas for 2019 and I’m excited to share some of them with you. I’ll save that for another post, but for now let’s get on with how my niche site is coming along.

If you haven’t heard already, a bunch of niche site entrepreneurs started a brand new niche website as part of Spencer Haws’ Niche Site Project 4 back in August 2018.

I joined the crowd but fell behind and started my new niche site in November 2018.

To find out how the site was doing in my last update, you can read my December 2018 update here.

Read on for my January 2019 update.

Niche Site January Goals

So January was a great start to the year and I was mostly really productive…

Just NOT with my niche site ????

Joking aside, I have been slightly distracted from the niche site last month as I have had a fair amount of client work on.

Side Note: I have also been working on another project that I have decided to work on this year. It’s quite a big deal for me as it’s something I have thought about doing for around 8 years but never had the courage to do it. It’ll also form the foundation of my business here at Coffee Shop Blogger.

Here’s what I set myself to aim for in January 2019:

  1. Publish 10 new articles
  2. Be more consistent with writing content
  3. Create a pillar post of 3000-5000 words
  4. Find some more products to promote

How did I do?

Publish articles – Instead of publishing 10 articles, I only managed to post three… Yes a measly three!

I did however create another two articles that I need to edit and publish and I also ordered 5000 words (five articles) from ContentPit which have now been completed so this will be a really good start to creating content for the site in February.

Publish content consistently: Nope!

3000-5000 pillar post: Nope!

Find products to promote: This I did! At least I managed something ????

I’m actually quite happy about this one. The products I found consist of a few online course marketplaces, a couple of independent courses and products, many books that I have read which I can create content around or review, some mobile apps and some physical products.

Niche Site Performance and Sales

Last month I mentioned that I thought the Avg. Session Duration was a bit off as it was sitting at around 4 minutes which seems way too long for someone to be looking around a new site with hardly any content.

I checked my traffic filters and made some adjustments which has made an impact on my traffic in January. I have put it down to the fact that I work from multiple locations around where I live so some of my own traffic was being included in the reports.

Here’s the Google Analytics report for January 2019:


So January’s traffic was 68 visits from 56 people and 94 page views.

Definitely seems more congruent of a new niche site with minimal content. Let’s see if I can double is throughout February.

Plans for February 2019

Write some content! ????

So, I have seven posts already written that I’ll be publishing very soon. I would like to make that up to 10. I’m still being fairly conservative here as I don’t want to over promise myself with too much work.

That’s pretty much it for this month. I want to focus mainly on this new project I have going on which I should have done in the next few weeks. Then I’ll be able to invest more time in the niche site.


Thanks for reading guys, back with another update in March.

If you’re involved in creating your own niche site then let’s connect below in the comments and share our niche site journey together, I’d love to hear how it’s going for you!

Steve Allen

Content Marketer
Steve is the guy behind Coffee Shop Blogger where he shares his passion for WordPress tech, digital marketing and smart ways to grow an online business.

4 thoughts on “Niche Site Project Monthly Update – January 2019”

    • Hi Don,

      It’s always great to connect with other niche site builders so thanks for your comment!

      I’m a bit late on my Feb update, but keep an eye out as I’ll be be publishing it in the next couple of days.

      I’ll be sure to check out some of the posts on your site πŸ™‚

    • Hey Dan,

      I’m happy with ContentPit in general, although it really depends on the type of content you’re looking for.

      For instance, I’ve noticed that their informative content to be much better than their product review content, but then that also depends on the types of products you want to review.

      In general though, they are very well priced for the quality they produce. And if you’re specific with your article briefs, you’ll often get a better result.

      Hope that helps πŸ™‚


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