Niche Site Project Monthly Update – February 2019

Steve Allen

It’s time for an “overdue” niche site update.

Yes, overdue!

It’s my intention to get these updates out as early in the month as possible but I have been a little unorganised these past few weeks.

Let’s just say I’ve been battling with “getting stuck in my own head and then beating myself up about it syndrome”…

Yes, that is a condition I just made up, but it’s the best excuse I’ve got right now and I’m sure many people can relate to it.

I’m doing my best to stay on track and managing to climb out of a whole before it gets too deep.

Moving on…

Here’s how the niche site was doing in my last update (Jan 2019) and keep reading to see how things went in February.

Niche Site February Goals

Last month I set the bar really low.

That’s because I’ve been working on a side project!

It’s a project I’ve been thinking about for some time now, but I’ve never really had the courage to go for it. That’s all changed now and I’ll be launching this in the coming months. Keep an eye out for an update soon!

So I set the bar low for February but I still managed to get a few extra bits done.

Here’s how my month went for February 2019:

  1. Published 7 new articles
  2. Updated a couple of posts
  3. Made a slight design change
  4. Shared some posts on Pinterest

Let’s break down what I did:

Publish articles – I published the seven articles that I had planned for. I was hoping to round that number up to 10 but I focused on a couple other things instead.

These seven posts were largely thanks to purchasing five of them from Content Pit which I was really pleased with.

Updated posts – This is something I want to do with all the posts eventually. When I first started adding content to the site, some of the posts were very short or not that thorough. That’s because I wanted to establish which content would do well without spending too much time on creating massive indepth posts. Now that I know the content has performed reasonably well (for what they are), I want to make them into much better posts.

Design change – This did not take me that long at all. That’s because I’m a designer/developer by profession and been doing it for over 10 years. The new design is much more minimal and professional and I’m also happy with the new logo.

Pinterest – I jumped on the Pinterest bandwagan and started sharing a couple of posts on my Pinterest account. I know that Pinterest can generate a crazy amount of traffic if done right so this was the plan from the beginning. I’ll be doing this for the rest of my posts in March.

Niche Site Performance and Sales

Here’s the Google Analytics report for February 2019:

niche site update google analytics feb 2019

So February’s traffic was 121 visits from 95 people and 245 page views.

Here’s the difference from January’s traffic:

January had 68 visits from 56 people and 94 page views.

Obviously these numbers are still extremely low but they are moving in the right direction.

Plans for March 2019

Here are my plans for March:

  1. Create more Pinterest pins and share them on Pinterest
  2. Update more posts
  3. Add more content

So I currently have 20 posts and hope to update half of them. I will also create Pinterest pins for these posts and share them on Pinterest.

I want to create another three posts in March too. I know three doesn’t sound like a lot but I will be focussing on making them high quality posts plus the other articles that I’m updating will be I vastly improved which should take some time.

I’m recognising more and more that keeping things simple is definitely the way forward. I have a tendancy to over complicate things which just sets me back and then I wonder why I haven’t got anywhere in the past 2 weeks.


That’s it for this update. Onwards and upwards in this entrepreneurial journey.

Share yours in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you!

Steve Allen

Content Marketer
Steve is the guy behind Coffee Shop Blogger where he shares his passion for WordPress tech, digital marketing and smart ways to grow an online business.

2 thoughts on “Niche Site Project Monthly Update – February 2019”

    • Hey Don,

      I only worked on the side project in March so very little progress was made with the niche site. Traffic was up though so that is promising as I barely even looked at it.

      That will soon change though as I’ve almost finished my side project. Keep an eye out for an announcement soon 🙂


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