4 Cloudways Email Solutions & Differences – What You Need to Know

Steve Allen

If you’re thinking about using Cloudways as your hosting platform but are confused how emails work, then keep reading.

Because in this post, I’m going to explain everything you need to know about email for WordPress when using cloudways.

Not only that but I’ll cover the differences between mailboxes, SMTP, transactional and marketing emails all in this article.

That’s get started.

Different Types of Email For Your Business, Website or Blog

Let’s first clarify the types of email uses, technologies and services there are, break down what each of them do and which ones you might need.

The main types of email include:

  • Mailboxes
  • SMTP
  • Transactional
  • Marketing Email


Mailboxes are provided by email service providers. Like personal email accounts, you sign up to an email service provider for your business that will include your domain name in the email.

You then have access to an inbox or SMTP to be able to send and receive emails via an email client.

Technically you could also use these services for the sending of contact form emails directly from your website, but with limited use.

If you’re just starting out or you have a relatively small audience, then you can use the mailbox service providers SMTP to send minimal outgoing emails for your websites contact form.

Then if you start to get more visitors using your contact form which surpass the sending limits or you need more of a secure and advanced solution then you’ll need to use an SMTP service.

SMTP Services

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol or SMTP for short is a protocol which allows the sending of emails between servers.

These emails can include anything from form submissions and wordpress account notifications to password resets and product order details.

The difference between an SMTP and a Mailbox service provider is that an SMTP doesn’t provide an email address with your domain name but focus solely on reliable deliverabilty of emails.

Many SMTP services also offer detailed analytics, email validation, marketing automation and more depending on the service you choose.

Transactional Email

Transactional email services are SMTP service providers who focus on transcational emails.

Transactional emails are any emails that customers receive about an order they have purchased from a website.

If you run a WordPress eCommerce site that uses something like WooCommerce then you will likely need an transactional email provider.

These services offer speedy and reliable email delivery so your customers never miss an email about their orders.

Marketing Emails

Email marketing services offer the sending of marketing capaigns including, promotional emails, newsletters, welcome and onboarding sequences, cart abandonment and more.

Many of the above services may include a combination of marketing solutions, SMTP and transactional email depending on who you go with but I just wanted to clear up what each service or technology does differently so you know which one you might need.

4 Email Services to Consider When Using Cloudways

Cloudways doesn’t offer an email server so to send and receive emails or send transactional email from your website, you’ll need to choose one of the following.

I won’t be going into email marketing services in this article as they don’t directly interact with your hosting platform, but are a separate form of communicating with your visitors.


NameCheap – Affordable and Reliable Business Email

Namecheap are a great option to use as your business email solution if you already have your domain name purchased with them.

Their email service is reliable and simple to use and it’s also very affordable.

They even allow you to use the service for free for 2 months so you can try the service out before buying.

Zoho – Free Business Email

Zoho email is another great option for you mailbox solution.

They also offer a forever free plan for 1 mailbox and 5GB of storage. This only gives yo web access only though, so you’ll need to upgrade if you want to use their SMTP or login with a different email client.

Rackspace – SMTP Addon for Cloudways

This SMTP option for Cloudways is exactly the oposite of what Zoho offers.

You activate the addon inside your cloudways account and setup your mailboxes which are charged at a very low price of $1 per mailbox per month and just gets added to your cloudways bill.

But you access your emails in your prefered email service or client with the SMTP setting that Cloudways provide you.

The only downfall with using this addon is that it works on the server level so it’s not a great option if you have multiple websites hosted on the same server.


Elastic Email – Transactional Email Addon for Cloudways

This is cloudways solution to transactional email for your website. Similar to the RackSpace added, you activate the Eleastic Email addon within your Cloudways account and then choose your email package.

Remember, this is transactional emails only so you don’t get an email address with this service.

Each email package allows a certain amount of emails sent from the server and the cost gets added to your Cloudways bill.

Pricing starts very low at just $0.10 per 1000 emails.

This has the same downfall as with the RackSpace addon so all emails being sent from this addon will be from the same email from the server level so it’s best to only use this addon if there’s one website on the server.


If you need an email account with your domain name, you have a few options. Namecheap is great if you’re already using them for your domain name.

Zoho is a good option for people on a budget and if you’d prefer something more built-in to cloudways then you might want to try the RackSpace addon.

Elastic Email is a great and cheap option for those who need to send lots of transactional emails.

I’ll be creating tutorials for each of these options on my YouTube channel in the coming weeks so be sure to subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss out.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below.

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  1. Excellent post Steve. Much appreciated. I have set up Rackspace with Cloudways but then got an automated email saying I didn’t enable my SMTP addon. My Rackspace email is working fine. Do I also need to enable the SMTP? Do I need Elastic Email along with the Rackspace email? Thanks for any help.


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