8 Benefits of Landing Pages for Your Website or Blog

Steve Allen

You’ve got a great lead magnet but your sidebar optin form isn’t bringing in the subscribers.

Landing pages are and effective way to generate more leads and they offer many benefits to improve conversions over time.

In this post I’ll share 8 benefits of using landing pages on your website or blog.

Let’s get started.

What are Landing Pages Used For

Landing pages are used to offer your audience something for free in exchange for their email address.

You can use landing pages for WordPress, your blog, other website platforms and independent landing page builders like Lead Pages.

The purpose of collecting emails is so you can build trust and authority with your audience by sending valuable content to them through email.

The Marketing Rule of 7 states that a businesses message needs to be seen by a prospect an average of 7 times before they make a sale.

It’s also a common belief in the marketing world that as high as 95% of your website visitors will leave your website and never return.

This is why it’s crucial to collect your prospects email address at every possibility and that’s where landing pages come in.

With a landing page, you can offer your website visitors a free gift or lead magnet for the purpose of generating leads.

Lead Generation Ideas

Here’s a few lead generation ideas you can use to offer your audience to compel them to sign up to our email list.

These can be offered throughout your website and blog as well as a dedicated landing page.

Free Consultation

Offer a free call back and consultation by collecting your prospects phone number AND email address. If you don’t close the sale with the consultation, you can follow up with the lead through email.

One-Page PDF Checklist or Mini Report

This common lead magnet has a high percieved value as it educates your leads and saves them time.

Content Upgrade

A content upgrade is an ebook or checklist that expands on a blog post. For example, if your blog post is “7 Yoga Tips for Beginners”, you could include an extra 3 tips in a free PDF download. These are effective because they’re hyper specific to the blog reader.

Free + Shipping

Often used on ecommerce sites, although it’s not free, it’s an effective strategy to capture emails by offering a free product and the customer only pays for shipping.

Free Mini Video Series or Email Course

A mini video course is a set of videos sent out every day over a few days to help your audience solve a problem. You can also do the same with an email course where you send written emails instead of videos.

8 Advantages of Using Landing Pages to Collect Emails

1. You can direct link to your free offer

Having a optin form on your blog is great but you can’t link to your sidebar.

Yeah you could link to any blog post or even a home page optin form but it take away the focus and selling of your lead magnet.

When you have a dedicated landing page that offers a single lead magnet, you can link directly to your offer or “transformation”.

You link to the page but use text that sells the lead magnet, for example, “Get my free cheatsheet to lose 10lbs without going on a diet”.

2. Higher conversion rates

Landing pages get higher conversion rates than other forms like sidebars or popups. That’s because people who land on the page want the thing you’re offering otherwise they wouldn’t have gone there.

The only thing stopping prospects from converting is the offer isn’t compelling enough or they just don’t want to hand over their email address.

3. Better targeting for analytics

To measure the performance of our offers, there’s a lot of metrics we can track using tools like Google Analytics.

Having a landing page makes this process a lot more easier and more accurate.

4. More opportunity for micro commitments

A micro commitment is a psychological technique to help increase conversions.

When a prospect makes smaller commitments to take action, they are more likely to make another bigger commitment afterwards.

This can be utilised on a landing page to influence a prospect into clicking a button that then shows a popup for them to enter their email address.

This technique alone has been shown to increase conversions over showing the form on the page directly.

5. SEO potential

Every page on your website should be optimised for search engines.

That includes landing pages for your lead magnet offers.

If people are searching for problems that your lead magnet solves then there could be good opportunity to generate traffic directly to your landing page from search.

And if there’s a decent amount of search volume around the terms people are searching for then your landing pages have great potential in driving large numbers of leads into your business.

6. More focus on messaging

Your landing page should focus on one offer that solves one problem.

And because there’s nothing to do on the page but read the text and/or enter an email address, you’re able to use copy to your advantage.

With this focus, you can zone in on particular pain points your prospects are trying to solve.

Because your messaging is more focused and there’s less distractions on the page, there’s a higher chance of converting anyone who lands there.

7. Ease of AB testing

You can AB test your optin forms anywhere on your website but the issue here is that there’s more than one thing to do on a blog page or home page.

The results you get back might not be a true reprensentation of what you change in each of the things you test.

Landing pages on the other hand have one goal and less outcomes so split testing things like the headline, the offer, and the call to action give better results.

There’s also many tools and tutorials that make split testing your landing pages really straight forward.

8. Ability to have multiple landing pages per offer

Many entrepreneurs and bloggers want to offer multiple lead magnets that funnel into separate products.

This is a great strategy to segment your audience and cater to each one with a more specialised experience.

Using landing pages to deliver each lead magnet is the perfect way to ustilise this strategy and serve your audience in an effective and more personalised way.


The benefits of using landing pages to tweak and optimise your campaigns are plain and simple.

You can utilize the effectiveness of landing pages to increase their performance to generate leads and grow your email subscribers.

This can save you money and increase sales so you can spend more time focusing on creating content and products for your audience.

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